With the ability to study multiple proteins in a sample http://cialisnow.com.

GE Cancer Mapping TechnologyGE scientists have developed new molecular pathology technology that can create a visual map of more than 25 proteins in a single tissue sample at the sub – cellular level and apply sophisticated imaging analysis tools to collect and interpreting the data developed. With the ability to study multiple proteins in a sample, was GE technology more insight than ever before into the signaling networks and cell activity, may provide various types of cancer various types of cancer. http://cialisnow.com

In October last year, GE announced a major scientific breakthrough in cancer research in molecular pathology that is unlocking information about cancer previously hidden from view. This molecular information will not only increase our understanding of cancer, it could choice choice for patients. This applies in particular for patients with early colorectal cancer.

Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip joint who stick about the recommended house physical therapy exercises and physically active lifestyle User more improvement in pain, physical function and self-perceived effect according to a study of researchers from the Netherlands. The research also in that the maintenance the the movement behavior and active living after discharge physical therapy improves the long-term effectiveness of kinesitherapy patients with knee or hip joint OA. Details Reviews study are available online and is publishing in July print edition of Arthritis Care & Research, a publication of American College of Rheumatology.