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However, medical abortion through pills does not involve the utilization anesthesia. These were the top advantages of medical abortion supplements. These pills are very beneficial but there are some disadvantages which can create many problems for the patient. So, here are the major drawbacks of an abortion pill – * Factor of time takes on a big part – The first drug which initiates the procedure medical abortion should be given in the early stages of pregnancy. RU-486 is usually ineffective in the later stages of pregnancy. * Multiple journeys will be required – Multiple outings will be asked to terminate pregnancy successfully. * Unpredictable treatment from the drugs-Treatment of RU-486 is very much indeed unpredictable.This is because accutane can be hard on the liver. Moreover, any skin remedies like peeling, facials, waxing, and scrubbing is not recommended. The reason being the skin under treatment is extremely sensitive. PRECAUTIONS WHEN TAKING ACCUTANE There are particular things you should avoid when beneath the accutane treatment. They are: 1. Breastfeeding a full month after the treatment 2. Cosmetic procedure during the treatment and without the move signal of your physician 3. Donating blood vessels during the treatment and a complete month after the treatment 4. Driving in the dark and at night as the medicine may affect your ability to see in the dark 5. Getting pregnant during the treatment and a complete month after it 6. Sharing accutane with others 7. Staying under the sun 8. Taking other supplements and medications unless the doctor clears it Taking precautionary measure will reduce problems regarding the medication.