We have DNA on the sex chromosomes of the platypus.

‘Cancers often show a large number of DNA changes and it is difficult to decide what is important for the development of the disease, the comparison with distantly related species like platypus helps in identifying important DNA of of conserved. Evolution over millions of years.. Platypus link to ovarian cancerResearchers at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the University of Adelaide believe our oldest mammalian relative may help us better understand ovarian cancer.University of Adelaide geneticist Dr Frank Grutzner says DNA mapping of the platypus an interesting relationship between an interesting relationship between their sex chromosomes and DNA sequences found in human ovarian cancer. – ‘We have DNA on the sex chromosomes of the platypus, which identified similar to the DNA that is affected in ovarian cancer and other diseases of reproduction , such as male infertility,’Grutzner says.

We are of the fact that the analysis of the platypus genome gives us new directions in the study of the molecular basis of ovarian cancer excited. In collaboration with Dr. Grutzner Associate Professor Martin Oehler, gynecologic oncologists in ovarian cancer treatment is specialized, from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, it’s about finding new ways to combat the disease.APHA is pleased to working with Daschle over the coming months a of our nation is looking for new ways to prevent and mitigation illness, to ensure that all American to remain access to screening and a timely, affordable health services of who need to stay healthy has, and that they supports in their effort to accept healthy behaviors.

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