We believe universal screening of all patients for MRSA is a positive effect in reducing MRSA rates.

We believe universal screening of all patients for MRSA is a positive effect in reducing MRSA rates. However, we must not focus our eyes on the ball, and instead our efforts to screen for both patients and staff for MRSA, so that we can help you to learn as much as possible to eradicate this scourge in our hospitals.

This is the most comprehensive and updated review on PROSTVAC so far. This addition to the debate on hospital infection comes just before the NHS ‘ deadline for implementing MRSA screening of patients as early as October 2007, the government promised that it would all hospital patients for MRSA as part of the standard procedures in the March 2009 showed. Results of this roll-out are not yet published, so it is not known whether the government has managed to meet its target. So far this intervention seems to be having a positive impact on the number of MRSA infections, but there is still a long way to go. Love Love commented.. ‘I myself have seen the ravages of infections such as MRSA on individuals and families, and we welcome the screening program introduced by the Government, we do have concerns that the screening program to a halt to a halt in the not too distant future Dr Billause of the growing resistance to existing treatments and the lack of new drugs for decolonization available these bacteria these bacteria.

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