Warning that an inevitable armed service AI arms race could unfold.

Will AI robots be utilized to execute ‘less crunchy’ partial-birth abortions for Planned Parenthood? The initial signs of this impending robot apocalypse had been seen earlier this season at a Volkswagen assembly plant in Germany, where a clever robot with AI-like capabilities grabbed a factory worker, threw him up against a wall, and inflicted such severe accidental injuries that the person later died at the hospital. If an activity like auto assembly can be successfully performed by advanced AI robots , there’s no telling what else these machines could possibly be programmed to learn how exactly to do. The recent Planned Parenthood scandal is normally a perfect exemplory case of how AI robots may be used in the future to perform less crunchy partial-birth abortions in order to maximize the earnings made from illegally selling aborted baby areas of the body and even entire, fully-intact dead infants to biotech companies.Get more information from the free copy of my e-book report to make better choices!

Alcohol consumption in pregnancy The result of alcohol consumption in pregnancy depends upon the amount of alcohol consumed every time, the duration and frequency of alcohol use and maternal factors such as body composition. Alcohol use in pregnancy is teratogenic; nevertheless, it is one of the few modifiable risk elements for poor being pregnant, perinatal, childhood and outcomes later on.