VOA News reported that more than 80 countries.

‘According to UNICEF Executive Director Ann Veneman, ‘Health experts suggest when people[ wash hands] regularly, diarrhea can be reduced by as much as 40 %. ‘with clean water with clean water in a part of in a part of Africa, says UNICEF Jane Bevan: ‘It is often a problem and we need to do the best we can, and often we are supporting schools to water supply and to develop also search for alternatives solutions ‘(Shryock .. VOA News reported that more than 80 countries, Global Handwashing Day marked on Thursday. The news service writes that ‘[t] iarrhea the third cause of death in West and Central Africa, which 30 % of 30 % of worldwide deaths in children under five.

The efficacy and safety of PLAVIX have been established through landmark clinical trials involving more than 100,000 patients. The clinical benefit of the new STEMI indication announced today reinforces the strong commitment of both research and development of pharmaceutical companies. On improving the health of patients.

According to Xinhua, higher handwashing with soap would significantly reduce the performance of the[ Millennium Development Goals] of of children under five by two thirds to contribute up to 2015. – Is rarely practiced despite its life – saving potential, hand washing with soap and not always easy to promote According to UNICEF IANS / IANS / Times of India reported. In India alone, diarrhea kills nearly 1,000 children under 5 every day, UNICEF says.The survey investigated life experiences people with MS in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. Biogen Idec transforms the results of the results and further to divide information with the broader MS community.

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Other co – authors of this study are Dr. John Balmes, UC a professor Berkeley Environment and health sciences;. Elizabeth misery and Boriana Prattville, UC Berkeley researchers in FACES and Cameron McDonald – Hyman, research assistant at the Stanford University School of Medicine.