To protect some kinds of cancer and to act as an anti-aging agent

-ty Of Queensland Researcher offers a greater incentive to Your Greens FoodUQ PhD candidate and nutritionist Christine Houghton is set to investigate whether broccoli could help in the fight against diabetes .Ms Houghton research focuses on sulforaphane – a substance formed when broccoli sprouts are cut or chewed that has been to treat heart problems, to protect some kinds of cancer and to act as an anti-aging agent. ‘Sulforaphane essentially talks to the DNA in the cells and may some of your some of your body’s defense system systems,’Ms. Houghton said. – ‘Studies have shown that sulforaphane influences about 200 genes of the cell defense system.

Ms Houghton held the potential health benefits of sulforaphane to discuss at the Australasian Academy of Anti – Aging Medicine Conference in Melbourne, October.It is her PhD through the School of Human Movement Studies , led by Dr Jeff Coombes.

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