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The difference this time, according to the researchers, is these baby boomer women were exposed to the pesticide in the 1950s and 60s, before they were 14 years aged. Age exposure includes a great deal to do with breast cancer risk, evidently. That’s banned generally in most elements of the world now. Where it really is used, DDT is sprayed indoors, in very small quantities, for malaria control. And actually, it’s the most powerful device available against the mosquitoes that spread malaria. That’s why, despite its sketchy status, the Exactly who and others decided to support its use in Africa, as We reported last summer.Dr Mayson’s responses are supported by the results of a qualitative research by Monash honours graduate Ms Effie Polites, who interviewed a sample group of managers and various other employees, including females who had used or planned to consider paid maternity keep and who were employed by the banking sector and a university in Australia last year. Ms Polites’ work provided useful evidence about attitudes and behaviours concerning paid maternity keep among Australian workers, Dr Mayson said. One of her key results was that access to paid maternity keep in the banking sector tended to be reliant on the attitudes of specific managers, and this corresponds with attitudes to paid maternity leave in the personal sector.