They point out that this important heterogeneity only by risk for certain cancers.

They point out that this important heterogeneity only by risk for certain cancers, which are paired and then the other types of cancer rather than general risk must be investigated – close letter that :.

In order to determine whether the risk of secondary cancer is associated to the first diagnosed cancer, Danish researchers data for the entire Danish population analyzed from 1980 to 2007. They founded a total of 843,118 diagnoses that about 10 percent one or more diagnoses of primary cancer had.

They also noted that the risk varies depending on the type of cancer, for example, the risk of a second cancer of the same type has been reduced by prostate cancer cancer, with the greatest reduction according sarcoma, whereas the risk of a second cancer of another type has the following prostate reduced with the greatest reduction in risk for cancer of the larynx.

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