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Approved huge AIDS Program With the House of Representatives – President George Bush originally proposed a doubling of the program to combat AIDS in Africa and other parts of the world at 30 billion dollars at 30 billion dollars. Then the House, led by Democrats, she lifted to 50 billion dollars. The House of Representatives yesterday passed a bill to fight the more than triple spending to fight AIDS abroad – the vote, a bipartisan compromise was adopted by 308 to 116 Democrats voted unanimously ed pills for sale . In 2003 President Bush launched PEPFAR It committed $ 15 billion over a period of five years for global HIV / to fight AIDS. The largest international health initiative in history to combat a single disease Then in 2007, Bush asked Congress the initial the initial financing, the program provides support and drugs in 12 African countries , and Vietnam, up to This new law adds an additional 14 countries in the Caribbean, plus three other African countries .

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130 hospitals around the UK participated in NSW08 along with mental trusts or nursing homes Additional dates for policy, practice and prevalence of analyze and published later The BAPEN. NSW08 review will be expected to be published in February 2009.

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