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The researchers note, however, the significance of of their results.

‘This is one of the holy grail of prostate cancer research,’says Dr. ‘We have been looking for this for years. ‘The research was supported by the Department of Defense, The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and the Mayo Clinic Center for Translational Science Activities. Medarex, provided the study medication. Free support and safety monitoring during the protocol.

Professor F? Sgen asserted that a low salt diet is not suitable for the majority of older people. We have said earlier this week that in the case of the elderly, cutting could salt be dangerous, especially in the summer months because they tend to drink less and are less acclimatized to hot weather, lost salt through sweat is not replaced. Your blood pressure rises, we can further load on the heart, says the SMA General Secretary Peter Sherratt. – We continue to believe that the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency ignoring inconvenient evidence in the pursuit of a campaign that aims to injustice to a lifetime ‘s essentials? They ignore the need for more conclusive research and no proper assessment of the risks that they may pose to some population groups .

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