The recent round of market M&A is definately not over.

Bristol-Myers Squibb will probably continue with smaller sized acquisitions, commensurate with the business’s ‘string of pearls’ technique that focuses on small, high-value buys. The acquisition of Medarex for $2.4 billion was such a deal just, as BMS added ipilimumab, a drug in development for various types of cancer, along with other important assets. The business’s CFO, Jean-Marc Huet, told the Credit Suisse health care conference: ‘We actually think that a lot of possibilities today, we either didn’t identify 12 weeks ago, or weren’t there 12 months ago.’ BMS will have the cash to pursue those opportunities.This process, called re-epithelialization, allows the mouse to completely replace lost skin cells. To further test the result of re-epithelialization, the researchers punched holes in the mice’s ears. Normally, when humans or additional mice possess their ears pierced, it qualified prospects to scarring and a semi-long lasting hole. But, for the spiny mice, a bundle was formed by them of stem cells called a blastema that could replace that which was missing. The holes closed completely, and the wound was changed new cartilage, skin, hair and other tissues. Scientists want to help expand examine the mice’s regenerative properties along with any disease fighting capability benefits they may have which will help prevent infection.