The operation is usually one of the first therapy options in cancer treatment.

The operation is usually one of the first therapy options in cancer treatment. However, some tumors such as brain tumors, to operate difficult if. A risk of damage to surrounding nerve tissue Other tumors, such as prostate cancer, at a very slow pace to grow and concern mainly elderly patients. These cases these cases reduces patient quality of life with no significant extension of life expectancy.

The sensor chip already passed laboratory tests with cell and tissue cultures. The biggest challenge for the researchers was to develop a sensor that functions completely autonomously for long periods of time. There must also be invisible to the body, so that it is not recognized as a foreign body, attacked and encapsulated in tissue. – We have developed the sensor chip, the 500th dissolved by a series oxygen measurement intervals measuring intervals themselves, says engineer and project manager Sven Becker. In addition, we included the sensor chip, a transmitter, transmitter and batteries in a biocompatible plastic housing. .With FDA advertisement preceded by a conference consultation that legislators expected that Agency shall to discuss lack warning for patient about a potential heart of risk of to GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drug Avandia.

FDA advice appoint Panel, Agency for disclosure of medications risks.

FDA said on Monday that it to appoint a group of external specialist to which agency for how inform the public of to health risks and benefits of drug and to advise about Warn devices, Reuters / New York Times. The panel be , including, including experts risk communication, social marketing, health skills, journalism, bioethics and other related areas. Consumers, patients and health care professionals may on the plate on the plate.