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4 This year’s seasonal flu vaccine includes a H1N1 2009 component so that people who are prone protected. Against all circulating strains for the first time the seasonal vaccine will be offered to pregnant women as they are disproportionately affected by the H1N1 strain during the pandemic and are more at risk of serious complications.

The two main strains of flu circulating are Influenza A H1N1 ‘ swine flu and Influenza B, with H1N1 the predominant strain. A small proportion of flu cases are in serious illness that affects people under the age of 65 years. This is due to the fact that more young people become infected H1N1 and unfortunately a very small number of these may develop severe illness.The Neck – to show and does not to show – this is the question date: Monday, 30 clock moderator: by Fritz Barton, MD moderator: Joel Feldman, disc Jeffrey Patrick Tonnard.

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Point the and no open the throat? This is the question at the ASAPS AGM.

I want the benefit of using the open approach , which I feel is very efficient for most patients is discussing, said. Dr. Feldman However I also appreciate that some patients benefit from less invasive approach, and I think every surgeon should the method to be serve best about select an individual patient. .. Supporters of approach to approach argued that opening up the front of your neck is frequently combined with a longer recovery phase and a higher incidence of complication.