The full study.

The full study, Methodology The slides and a memo from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Moore.Methodology: The by by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Moore Information. Your company conducted a national survey of 2,400 likely 2015 voters both landline and mobile, including oversamples of 400 likely voters reached in each of the four regions: Florida, Ohio / Michigan, Minnesota / Wisconsin, North Carolina / Virginia June 4 to 12, the error rate for the entire national sample is 3, for half samples, it is 4, for each oversample region is about 6 percent , depending on the sample size.

Be on behalf of in the largest medical society – and second largest physician membership organization – the United States, said Dr. I am writing to congratulate you on the introduction of the law because:.. Key survey findings are: – An overwhelming 75 % of voters support EPA smog – – 65 % say that stricter standards on air pollution will not damage our economic recovery with 54 per cent believing that updates are probably more jobs to create, not less; – 66 % of voters think the EPA should set pollution standards that are not members of Congress – is the support for updating smog standards widely targeted queries with voters in Florida, Michigan,.Financial perspective disclose: on by CHAVI, Grant Number AI 067854th Of funders did. Does not matter in the study design, data collection and analysis of, decision about the publication or preparation of the manuscript. Competing Interests: Authors have stated that not competing interest composed.

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