The following highlights recent news of state actions on sex education programs.

The Education Department in recent years has been urging public school districts a comprehensive approach to a comprehensive approach to sex education. Several districts, including the North Clackamas School District and Beaverton School District, already a sex education curriculum that teaches students about ‘sexual health concepts ‘, and abilities approved ‘good decisions good decisions under pressure,’according to the Oregonian. North Clackamas schools include abstinence and peer pressure resistance messages in the eighth grade curriculum and role plays about contraception and condom use in the high school curriculum.

House voted 61-26 on Friday to pass a measure that would ban all abortions. In the state, except to save the life of of the pregnant woman, the Fargo Forum reports the bill would take effect if Roe v. Wade – the 1973 Supreme Court decision, effectively prohibits the state ruled abortion – is canceled reject reject any charge that leads an abortion and the pregnant woman with murder. Another bill that would state abortion medical abortion drugs have added rules and added provisions for doctors abortions abortions and their assistants was rejected by a 49-39 vote.O’Doherty et al. Predictive Neural Coding to the Contains a reward likes dissociation Answer in human ventral midbrain and. Ventral striatum would subside Publishing in Neuron 49, 157-166, January 5.

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