The Edwards family is far from alone.

– A child psychologist and suicidal ideation researcher, King says the warning signs of suicide in teenagers are frequently confused with the normal experience of the teenage years, but it is possible. To the the signs of risk. Everyone knows teens get moody, the difference are two easy ways to see the difference, she says, One is our eyes have changes changes, significant changes in a young person.? and behaviors, s. At school, in their free time or in their eating and sleeping habits or their use of alcohol and drugs The other is to look for the typical signs of depression, either a sad mood or an angry, irritable, aggressive mood, especially if these persist for two weeks or longer.. The Edwards family is far from alone. A kind of 20/20 hindsight plagues thousands of parents a year, as they mourn the loss of children, adolescents or young adults who take their own lives, says Cheryl King, director of the Youth Depression and Suicide Prevention Program at the University of Michigan depression Center.

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