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The other day Jerry P Late. Lanier, the US Ambassador to Uganda, announced that even more US funding would be made available to permit the enrollment of 72,000 additional Ugandan Helps patients in programs offering lifesaving antiretroviral treatment. This will enable them to quickly distribute the drugs to Government and non-profit treatment centers and hospitals to bridge the gap until Global Fund medicines arrive. PEPFAR happens to be funding a lot more than 70 percent of the complete response to HIV and AIDS in Uganda.* Bee pollen is renowned to be a great aphrodisiac and may increase sexual health * In case you are low on stamina, try bee pollen since it helps you recover faster after exercise and enables you to boost your performance levels * Those coping with allergies ought to be relieved to know that bee pollen lowers histamine production which is the main reason behind allergies * There are many B vitamin supplements in bee pollen that works wonders for your skin and prevents wrinkling and ageing * Bee pollen can be excellent for those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes because it restores mineral and metabolic deficiencies * Bee pollen is also recognized to help those who have colitis, constipation, bronchitis and anemia * Bee pollen comes with an astonishing quantity of vitamins – 18 overall, fourteen fatty acids and is normally 15 percent lecithin * Bee pollen actually has more proteins than eggs, cheese or meat.