The CIMZIA BLA package provides the greatest biological clinical trial database and broadest.

– There are significant unmet needs for patients with Crohn’s disease, the additional therapeutic agent is provide provide effective long-term relief from this debilitating disease increase, commented William Sandborn, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and leading researchers in the CIMZIA clinical trial program. Our experience in the exact clinical trial program has shown CIMZIA , a well-tolerated and effective treatment to his addition, is the subcutaneous administration is a welcome attribute for patients and can offer more comfort.

– Our BLA submission is an important milestone for UCB, he represents the tremendous efforts of UCB’s CIMZIA development team and marks UCB ‘s entry into the organic market, said Roch Doliveux, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee of UCB. We plan to request marketing approval by the European Agency for the Evaluation of medicinal Products in a matter of weeks UCB will continue research and development, explore other autoimmune diseases for this promising biological .

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