The article Temporal dissection of tumorigenesis in primary cancers.

The article ‘Temporal dissection of tumorigenesis in primary cancers,’is written by Steffen Durinck, Christine Ho, Nicholas J. Wilson Liao, Lakshmi R. Jakkula, Collisson, Jennifer Pons, Sai – Wing Chan, Ernest Catherine T. Chu, Kyunghee Park, Sung-woo Hong, Nam Huh, Isaac M. Neuhaus, S. Siegrid Theodora M. James E. Cleaver, Pui – Yan Kwok, Philip E. Gad Getz, Kristian Cibulskis, Haiyan Huang, Elizabeth Purdom, Jian Li, Lars Bolund, Sarah T. Spellman and Raymond J. It appears in the July 2014 edition of the journal Cancer Discovery. See:.

Further support was provided by several psoriasis Dermatology Foundation Career Development Award, by a Canary Foundation / American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship for the early detection of cancer, and by the Biotechnology Samsung Scholar-in – Residence program.

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