The 2014 Dirty Ashtray Award goes to the tobacco industry.

The 2014 Dirty Ashtray Award goes to the tobacco industry.We need to organize a proper presentation of this award – perhaps we could send a simple package.

The findings suggest that drinking to reduce the amount of sugary drinks risk of being overweight reduce their risk of being overweight, but only if these drinks with water instead of milk or juice, the authors note be replaced.

I AMA WA president Dr. David Berg invite, collect this award on behalf of WA Health Minister, Kim Hames.The next award is the one that no one wants. The Dirty Ashtray – First, some good news for the other states and territories – she will not in this year.The use with FDA / Health Canada co honor recognizes commitment to tackle health challenges of and promotion of health objectives North American by its role in to the Canada – Mexico US Trilateral Cooperation Charters – a cooperation agreement of the FDA, A region Health Products and Food Branch by Health Canada and Mexico Swiss Federal the Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks . Members of of the FDA and COFEPRIS also get the award.

‘This award recognizes years hard work with our colleagues from the United States and Mexico and demonstrates the commitment which Government of Canada for employees to reach our common goal of improving health of our citizens our common continent. ‘.. The Competition Bureau also and which Canadian Food Inspection Agency have well active members Trilateral collaboration and contributed significantly to the work of the honors. All members of Cooperation Council also bonds recognition from the FDA for their work.

Not only to with FDA AwardThe United States Food and Drug Administration , Health Canada will present an award day in order the work of unit has taken in recent years in order his ability to protect, enhance and recognize not only the health of Canadians, but the health of everyone North Americans are.