Said after the Global and Mail

Said after the Global and Mail, Cannon. I think Clinton did not comment on it the government’s position, she expressed her personal point of view I think we are moving toward this initiative – which is very important in relation to the storage and the support of young children as well as mothers – which is will be discussed. reported the Global and Mail that Cannon but added that the government the door to the abortion partially closed . The government argues will not waste valuable initiative to save the lives of women and children in the developing world through improving a contentious debate about abortion sunk.

U.S. Secretary of State says Canada’s G8 Maternal, Child Health Plan do not include abortionThis summer G8 meeting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will moving forward with his signature initiative maternal and child health, and despite disagreements with the United States Britain on the financing for abortion in the Third World, says Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, the Globe and Mail reports (McCarthy.

United States approves first generic versions of two drugs used hypertension.