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In individual instances, we found a high amount of metabolic changes that were specific for particular locations within the brain, Dr. Urbanik said.. Alcohol publicity during fetal development alters brain fat burning capacity and structure in kids Children exposed to alcohol during fetal development exhibit changes in human brain structure and metabolism that are visible using various imaging techniques, according to a fresh study being presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Culture of North America . Alcohol make use of by expectant mothers can lead to problems with the mental and physical development of their children-a condition known as fetal alcohol syndrome.The agreement also includes an option for the addition of more than 40 Zydus products to the collaboration. ‘The Zydus agreement complements our established products strategy, augmenting this continuing business with a wide portfolio of top quality generics,’ said Bohuon. The collaboration contains medicines for pain, cardiovascular and cancer, respiratory and neurological illnesses. The partnership will leverage Abbott’s powerful emerging markets infrastructure to commercialize the Zydus products, with product launches beginning in early 2012. ‘We’ve always believed in working with partners for win-earn alliances that look at new opportunities for growth and expansion,’ said Controlling and Chairman Director Zydus Cadila, Pankaj R.