The co-authors were Jamie Kentya and Barner Ford. Postgraduate Best Paper Award in the Economic, Social & Administrative Sciences Ranjani Varadarajan of Ashburn, VA, was chosen for paper The Effect of Illumination on Medicine Preparation Mistakes in a Long-Term Care Facility. The co-authors had been Kenneth N. Barker, Salisa C. Westrick, and Kristen L. Helms.. PRESS RELEASE WASHINGTON, DC – The American Pharmacists Association Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science today announced the recipients of the 2015 APhA Postgraduate Best Paper Awards. The recipients had been chosen during the 2015 APhA Annual Getting together with & Exposition in San Diego.Our data suggest that the total parasite burden contributes to the pathogenesis of severe malaria, although this association does not prove causality: parasite levels are higher during severe episodes, and many risk factors for serious malaria affect parasite density also. Because these elements may modify the risk of serious malaria through their effect on parasite density, interventions designed to reduce parasite density, such as vaccines targeting merozoites, might provide at least partial security against severe disease. Perhaps because responses to multiple variants must block erythrocyte infection,27,28 early merozoite vaccine candidates didn’t reduce degrees of blood-stage parasites,29-31 and their efficacy against severe malaria has therefore not been assessed. Our findings are in agreement with those of previous research showing that sickle cell trait,24,32 the low-transmission period,33 and bed-net use34,35 are associated with reduced parasite density.