PRESS RELEASE Pharmacists in hospitals across the U.

Although the utilization varies by size of hospital, 100 % of hospitals with an increase of than 600 beds make use of smart pumps, up from 83.9 % in 2009 2009. In smaller hospitals , 67.1 % use smart infusion pumps from 40 . Barcode-Assisted Medicine Administration BCMA is now used in 88. 4 % of hospitals to verify individual identity and check dosages administered by nurses electronically. By contrast, only 34 to 65.8 % of hospitals used BCMA in 2011. Mid-size hospitals experienced the highest usage of BCMA, while little hospitals had the lowest use of BCMA. Electronic Wellness Record Systems Overall, 94.1 % of hospitals have partially or implemented an EHR completely. The usage of EHR systems has improved since 2009 among hospitals of most sizes, with growth which range from 6.9 to 42.4 %.Through the brand new partnership with HealthStream, an ANA learning portal provides nurses with a easy site to access a wide range of medical and professional skills advancement modules. ‘Lifelong learning is important for authorized nurses, and our objective is to offer them leading-edge continuing education that’s readily accessible, secure, and convenient. Our requirements for a learning portal and content development partner had been rigorous and extensive,’ said ANA Chief Executive Officer Marla J.