Pre-formed Acquires Assets of IKOEmed And IKOEtech.

The acquisition will enable Varian to offer hospitals and clinics an additional software tool to automate and accelerate the most time-consuming part of the treatment planning process. Varian will pay around 2.2 million plus an additional amount to the achievement of specified milestones acquires IKOE assets.. Pre-formed Acquires Assets of IKOEmed And IKOEtech;Acquisition software for accelerating treatment planning to add Varian Medical Systems announced it has acquired the assets of Houston-based IKOEmed and IKOEtech, privately owned provider of software for planning of radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatments used.

The company plans to with its global with its global market leading Eclipse planning software for radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and brachytherapy. In the United Statesan anticipates the acquisition of neutral to earnings for the company in current financial year and accretive thereafter. ‘We expect our global sales, service and support network will contribute to faster and deeper penetration of these software products,’Guertin said. IKOE The software is now installed in over 20 locations, primarily in the U.S.. The software was developed in order to achieve greater than 50 % reduction in the portion of the contour radiotherapy treatment planning process, which typically takes a period of 30 minutes to 4 hours.Dr. The ‘See Food ‘DietBased on actual studies that diets can rich helping in omega -3 fatty acids prevent a leading causes of legal blindness in older people The report of Tuo et al. ‘An 3 fatty acids-3 fatty acids food retinal lesions reduced in a murine model of macular degeneration, ‘appears on the August 2009 issue of American Journal of Pathology.

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