Parents Differ on Description of Cyberbullying.

‘We know that parents are worried about the harms of cyberbullying, but we wished to learn if there is a consensus among parents about what actually constitutes cyberbullying,’ said lead researcher Sarah Clark, associate director of the National Poll on Children’s Health insurance and associate analysis scientist in the hospital’s section of pediatrics. ‘What we found is definitely that parents differ a lot with regards to defining cyberbullying,’ she stated in a university information release.Individuals had received a median of 4 prior regimens , with 73 patients having received 4 or even more prior regimens. Among alkylating brokers, cyclophosphamide have been administered to 111 individuals and bendamustine to 81 patients . Fourteen patients had received prior high-dosage chemotherapy and got undergone autologous stem-cell transplantation. All the patients had disease that was refractory to rituximab, and 124 patients had disease that was refractory to an alkylating agent; in 108 patients , the condition was refractory to combination therapy with an alkylating rituximab and agent.