One of the patients with the new skin protection is Jim Landrum medical journal.

One of the patients with the new skin protection is Jim Landrum, a 34 year old Missouri man Landrum medical journal . In a 2007 in a 2007 accident involving fireworks which claimed his left arm below the elbow. ‘This application seems like it is a bond on my arm,’said Landrum. ‘it is not to hinder my movements like before and now I am in able to reach, to pull over my head, my hat and put on my shirt. It is so much more comfortable and the functionality is so much greater. ‘This new liner possibly could up to 90 % of the upper extremity population adapted Essentially, we fit very intimate skin, such as roles provide a second skin to protect the person of the body We combined the protector element with optimal suspension of the prosthesis ‘said Rob Dodson, associate clinical specialist with AAD. – About Advanced Arm Dynamics – Advanced Arm Dynamics , the nation’s leading provider of upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation. AAD patients can return to work and lead an active lifestyle by. With each patient during the installation and rehabilitation The company’s services include state-of – the art technologies and techniques, rehabilitation planning, insurance justification and authorization negotiations, occupational therapy and psychological counseling and a patient-to-patient mentoring program. Advanced Arm Dynamics Centers of Excellence located in Texas, California and Oregon. For more information on Advanced Arm Dynamics.

These factors include genetic mutation, the introduction of new species of mosquito, the presence of an immunologically vulnerable and easy transportation of infected humans , cyclic periods of high rainfall, borne by otheration projects and livestock trade between Africa and southern Arabia and modern air transport, the availability of compatible mosquito species and a large number of virus – spreading migratory birds .

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