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Dominick J. Angiolillo, of the University of Florida, conducted Jacksonville and his team used a randomized, multicenter study, the 210 patients with acute coronary syndrome , or in patients treated included with coronary stent and receiving a platelet aggregation inhibitor prior bypass operation, in order to analyze whether cangrelor an effective and safe drug for the connection of individuals with antiplatelet agents bypass surgery.

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Patients set antiplatelet use 5-7 days before surgery to receive either cangrelor or placebo for at least 48 hours, which was stopped 1 to 6 hours before surgery. For patients the cangrelor was median time of infusion was 2, compared to 3.4 days for those who received a placebo. The primary endpoint was the safety excessive bypass surgery associated with bleeding, while the main measure of effectiveness was platelet reactivity of less than 240 P2Y12 Reaction Units , which was evaluated every day.Which collaboration capabilities of DATATRAK eClinical can be require throughout managing documents and efficient to maximize the efficiency of clinical trial. By the sponsor is initially first two clinical studies, during stage the introduction of plans on future clinical studies in of their pipeline on the DATATRAK eClinical while rest of 2006 and beyond. DATATRAK cooperates closely with the sponsors to the most efficient processes and workflows, as part of her with Contract Research Organizations , the sponsor may additional services in connection with DATATRAK eClinical deployments, as part of their clinical studies..

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