New data generated in mice.

Previously , it was assumed that the tumor cells in these two areas. The same type of fuel for the generation of energy, in particular glucose However Sonveaux and his colleagues have now shown that although hypoxic tumor cells use glucose to produce energy, well-oxygenated tumor cells fuel fuel, lactate. Further, the lactate to the well – oxygenated tumor cells used as the fuel of the hypoxic tumor cells as a waste product of the chemical reactions, the glucose burned for energy, the authors pointed out that the various tumor cells exist in symbiosis released..

Women by workers teams teams, rather than individually could be overcome.. Sudden cardiac death is caused by irregular heartbeats increase the risk of arrhythmia and sudden death. In the study the mice were mutant forms of the protein troponin T, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in humans cause expressing found that an increased used of cardiac arrhythmias. Detailed analysis showed that the increased susceptibility to cardiac arrhythmias a result of increased sensitivity of a key component of the heart contractile units of Ca2+ was. Since the drug blebbistatin, the sensitivity of myofilaments drops to Ca2+, provided the mice with significant protection against irregular heartbeat, the authors suggest that normalization might myofilament Ca2+ – sensitivity in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy help protect them from heart rhythm disorders and sudden death.

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