Mothers Suffer reduces stress through games.

Parent. Mothers Suffer reduces stress through games, engaging with their childrenA group of three Kansas State University researchers examined ways to single mothers to improve their relationships with their children.Under many of their results, they have discovered that single mothers who are involved with children in daily activities – such as reading stories or playing games – May experience lower levels of stress.

‘Often mothers are encouraged with their children for the positive impact on the child, ‘Adams said. ‘These results show that long-term positive effects for the mother as well ‘ – to concentrate The researchers plan follow-up studies, such as stress. From work affects the parent-child relationship and how the relationship changes over the age of 5 and in adolescence. Soloski adviser Jared Durtschi, assistant professor of family studies and human services. Jared Anderson, assistant professor of family studies and human Services advises Berry Hill and Adams.

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