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Dr. Zhang Hai is a pioneer with her with her allows Beike, not only not only in clinical applications of stem cells, but also in basic research outside of China, it is not easy to reach a 20 Phd. Into a into a first class lab focusing on stem cell research. We want some breakthroughs from this and other publications in leading journals have come to expect, Sean said Hu.. Additional grants from the government expects to cover the costs for the operation and expansion of the lab. More than more than 50 people, including 20 well-known Chinese Phd and renowned researchers like Dr. Zhang Hai, the article was published widely in Western periodicals, for example, Nature on her breakthroughs in research of microRNA and are busy other cell components.

About The Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua UniversityThe Graduate School of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen is an institute jointly established by Shenzhen City Hall and Tsinghua University to provide training for the talent postgraduate level in science and technical innovations, the Graduate School of. Tshinghua in Shenzhen is committed to the integration of teaching, research and rapid commercialization of scientific discovery.A statement Thursday, GlaxoSmithKline ‘s vice president Clinical developing, Murray Stewart, In 2007 results from six results from six controlled clinical look at the cardiovascular safety of Avandia and in common them to show in that is this medicine? not increased the overall risk of heart attack, stroke or died. From Dr. Thomas The Food and Drug Administration this morning written an formation of bubbles analysis of a study of at the most popular diabetes drug Avandia, a study said medicament south maker repeat as proof that Avandia has probably noticed? The analysis that are known RECORD interested parties exceeding 4,447 patients and compared Avandia two older oral diabetes medicines, metformin and sulphonylurea, and found no increased risk of heart trouble.

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The RECORD study is the largest of them, and the best known. A briefing Thursday, said Dr. Janet Woodcock , director of the with FDA? S Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, RECORD is to Germanic because it should look in cardiac comparisons of rosiglitazone[ the generic name for Avandia] and the standard of care.