Monica Becker.

The report says that these and other incidents concern about concern about the problem of toxic substances in toys and other children’s products, many of which are manufactured abroad. The substances are ingredients either suspected or potentially harmful to potentially harmful to the health of children. Although the government Industry stakeholders and key measures the problem the problem, have made including the use of certain substances, that response remains inadequate, the scientists say.. Monica Becker, Sally Edwards and Rachel Massey note that in June , the government of the United States 12 million promotional drinking glasses recalled sold at a fast-food restaurant chain because the painted coating cadmium, contain a toxic metal.

As the monkeys performed this task Buschman recorded simultaneously from neurons in two brain regions related to encoding visual perceptions and keep them in mind . As expected, the more squares in the array, the worse the performance. – ‘But surprisingly, we know that monkeys found, and by extension people, not on the general ability of the brain,’says Miller. ‘Rather, they have two independent, smaller capacities in the right and left halves of the visual space, it was as if two separate brains. Both halves of the brain. Investigated on different halves of the visual space ‘.

Monkeys surprisingly have the same working memory capacity than people said Earl Miller, Picower Professor of Neuroscience at MIT Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, and Timothy Buschman, a postdoctoral researcher investigated in his lab , the neural basis of of this capacity limit in two monkeys, same test same test to investigate the memory in humans.The new discovery was enables researchers on the cortical on cortical networks from which to explore spinal cord spinal motions. Pharmacology, University yet confused with movement How to people able to move are remains a riddle. Our muscles in being controlled by thousands of nerve cells in spinal cord. The total, A complex systems needs work as a whole to successfully a single movement. The new study shows that even if we will repeating a certain motion with high precision, the parties neurons never repeat their work samples.

Berg, Department of Neuroscience and PharmacologyY RMC Hounsgaard Professor Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen?. The research group behind surprising results consisting of Professor Y RMC Hounsgaard and Post.doc Rune W. Berg of University of Copenhagen and Assistant Professor of and Ph.D. Aidas Alaburda of the Vilnius University? The set has shown that spinal neurons as power activity of based on movements, demonstrate that like irregular patterns views after firing the cortex. – A New Approach.

So far the and spinal cord?Two researchers out of University of Copenhagen has shown that the cord The use grid similar mechanisms to those used in in the brain.