Moderate Exercise Might Reduce Mens Heart Failing Risk: WEDNESDAY.

Moderate exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease also, high blood diabetes and pressure, he said. The finding about high-volume activity being harmful will demand confirmation in an additional study, said Dr. Gregg Fonarow, professor of cardiology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He reviewed the results. The new study didn’t include women, so the researchers can’t say if the same benefit comes from exercise for them. Nevertheless, Fonarow said, the findings echo those from another recent study. In that research, the huge benefits were similar for men and women, and by type of exercise, he said. Keteyian stated that the message is clear for reduction of heart failure risk.Dr. Peter Naredi, scientific co-chair of the cancer congress, said, Not only can we better choose the best treatment mixture as our information regarding the principal tumor increases, and therefore prevent overtreating patients who will not benefit, but this will also help us select the right therapy for each breast cancer patient. This study also underlines the actual fact that we should consider a recurrence of a cancers as a fresh event, and carefully select the right treatment for the recurrent tumor as opposed to just relying on information from the initial occurrence, he added.

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