Many Teens Knowingly Trip With Drunk Drivers.

Also, 70 % believe that speaking against riding with a drunk driver wouldn’t harm their friendships with other kids. ‘We need to encourage youth to speak to their peers about the hazards of underage drinking and riding with a drinking driver,’ Phillips said. MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church said the poll results were released to coincide with a key portion of the school year. ‘October is a time when teens across the country are settling in to the new school year and enjoying college dances and sporting events and fall festivities,’ increasing the probabilities that they’ll be met with a drunk driver, she stated. Sheehey-Church’s own son passed away in a crash while riding with a drunk driver.‘At this time, there is very little information available regarding the impacts of long-term exposure of a watershed to Marcellus Shale drilling actions,’ said Dr. David Velinsky, vice president of the Academy’s Patrick Middle for Environmental Study. ‘Nor do we realize when there is a cumulative influence of drilling activity on the ecosystem providers of a little watershed.’ Initial study by Academy scientists working with University of Pennsylvania graduate student Frank Anderson shows the environmental impact of drilling could be straight related to the amount of drilling in a specific area, referred to as the ‘density’ of drilling.