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In the body buy generic .cells in our bodies in various shapes and sizes. Each cell is in such a way that it formed to optimize for a particular function. If something goes wrong and a cell does not adopt its dedicated shape, its function may be impaired and the cell can cause problems in the body. Researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics , the Netherlands, now a molecular mechanism that plays an important role in the development of a cell decodes form. In this week’s issue of Nature , they report a new experimental approach, the information on the interaction between proteins and the cell skeleton.

About EntreMedEntreMed, is in the clinical phase pharmaceutical companies therapeutic candidates primarily developed for the treatment of cancer and inflammation. Panzem NCD is currently. Several Phase 2 clinical trials for cancer an oral cell cycle regulator is in multiple Phase 1 and 2 studies for cancer. ENMD-1198, a novel tubulin-binding agent is in Phase 1 studies in advanced cancers. Panzem is also in preclinical development for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and ENMD-2076, a dual-acting Aurora-angiogenesis inhibitor, is in preclinical development for cancer. EntreMed aim is to develop and marketing of new connections on the company’s expertise in angiogenesis, cell cycle regulation and inflammation based – processes vital to the treatment of cancer and other diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Forward Looking Statementstion about EntreMed is available on the company website at and in various filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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