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in both species, we are using species-specific communication sounds for stimulation, such as language in humans and rhesus-specific calls in rhesus monkeys, Rauschecker says. We find that the structure of these communication sounds in in kind .

In nonhuman primates, using investigators a technique known as single-cell recording, which can anesthetized animals measured within a single neuron. To do this be anesthetized animals with microelectrodes, the pick activity in specific brain areas, a technique that is rarely used in human patients, but offers much equipped better resolution.

The trial by two grants from the National Science Foundation and grant one was funded by the National Institute for Neurological disorders and Stroke and the British Wellcome Trust Rauschecker reports no related financial interests..Important, it examine s personalized healthcare, UKThe Royal Society is to study how a person individual genetic make-up would operates effect on the operation to the medical on she.

Let us hope that the research allows clinicians including do custom medicines which patient’s needs.

Personalized medicine may radically improve the the effectiveness of medication how some treatments present operate merely into about 30-50 % of the patients. – Sir David Weatherall, leader of the new research, said: ‘This study will look on if pharmacogenomics, the design of drug regimens a person that is based genetic makeup is a academic reach goal is to five, 10. Or be 25 years after it now ‘.

The research results until the summer until the summer next year and suggest how resources should be spent for further improvement the safety of medicines to be efficacy..