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* Triphala; that is a common herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve digestive tract. The herb includes three major ingredients that help in promoting correct digestion and they include; Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. In addition, it helps in reducing weight loss. * Tagara supplements; they are used to solving a few of the sleep related disorders. It has sedative properties that will depress the nervous program enhancing sleep hence. It also helps in alleviating a few of the symptoms that are brought by lack of sleep like anxiety. * Neem health supplements; most people that have problems with skin problems turn to these products for treatment.A practical guideline to sugar and sweeteners Sugar has definitely become the poster child of most things wrong with this health. Our overconsumption of the nice white stuff provides shouldered the blame for a growth in diabetes, obesity, interest problems, arthritis, tumor and several other diseases. Therefore is ALL sugar poor, and what ‘sweet’ alternatives are our best choices? Sweeteners guideThe following can be a list of common sweeteners and sugars, their glycemic index and other factors to consider whenever choosing them: Maltodextrin – With an exceptionally high glycemic index rating, this sugars is normally near poison for diabetics.