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It is the annual conference of the Acute Cardiovascular Treatment Association , a registered branch of the European Society of Cardiology . Acute cardiovascular care is the specialty of cardiology coping with acute problems looking for urgent care including coronary attack, cardiac arrest, and acute heart failure, but also other conditions resulting in acute cardiovascular problems such as pulmonary stroke or embolism. The scientific programme is available here: ‘The primary theme this season is innovations in severe cardiovascular care,’ said Professor Kurt Huber, Chairperson of the Scientific Programme Committee. He continued: ‘Novelties will be offered and discussed throughout the abstracts and symposia.Avoiding irritating foods may be the most apparent but others include supplements such as: Glutamine – an amino acid that supports intestinal lining regeneration and repair) Probiotics appropriate for you Natural anti-microbial herbs such as oregano or garlic Soothing herbal remedies such as slippery elm that coats the intestinal lining while safeguarding it from the irritants or liquorice root which is definitely anti-inflammatory Digestive enzymes to boost nutrient breakdown and absorption Adrenal fatigue could be a difficult condition to recover from.