Found researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute ed medication.

Reference: ‘Patient related to diet and exercise counseling: Do providers own lifestyle habits go ‘Preventive Cardiology, October 2010.opens the possibility ofD doubles schizophrenia riskNewborns with low vitamin D have an increased risk of developing schizophrenia ,, found researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute ed medication .The research team tiny samples of blood are taken as part of the routine screening of newborns in Denmark. Then vitamin D concentrations in babies who later developed schizophrenia compared with healthy controls. And low vitamin study who had low levels of vitamin D with a twofold increased risk of developing the disease Vitamin D or the ‘sunshine hormone ‘, is the result of sun on your skin. It has long been known that it is important for healthy bones, but the Queensland team has discovered that it also important for healthy brain growth.

DR Eyles darrylDr. Darryl Eyles heads the Neurobiology Laboratory at the Queensland Brain Institute the the neurobiology of schizophrenia. Further, since 2003 the group. Investigating the effects of developmental vitamin D deficiency to brain disorders Dr Eyles ‘ group is also part of the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research.

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