For more information about the benefits and harms of statins.

For more information about the benefits and harms of statins, see our article , statins are good or bad? Ago Updated 2004 Article 16.

The only two main side effects – both occur relatively rarely – liver failure and skeletal muscles are damaged. This muscle damage is a severe form of myopathy, called rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis usually starts in muscle pain and may, where the patient loses muscle, experience kidney failure, or worse dies. The condition is more common when statins with other drugs with other medications high high risk of rhabdomyolysis or used with other drugs that increase statin levels in the blood.The new treatment algorithms in the Schizophrenia reporting notes also me to polled a psychiatrist has focused on an agent’s metabolic and weight gain adverse events for the treatment of the current and newly diagnosed patients. A majority of surveyed a psychiatrist patient atypical antipsychotics by disadvantageous metabolic a side effect profiles switch whom and with more affordable profiles an increasing number of weight gain and metabolic side effects when choosing of an antipsychotic in the first line..

Maternal infectious in first trimester is connected to an risk of fetal death out of 19 percent. For the virus. Of 13-20 weeks ago 15 percent chance of 15 percent chance the fetal death , and these fall to 6 percent after 20 weeks. In the third trimester fetal complications of occurs less a reduced need for a reduced need for a high number of red cells and their lifetime. There is no specific antiviral therapy exists or vaccination of parvovirus B19 infection -. It is therefore important for midwives familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of the infection, says the assessment. Diagnostics comprises detecting congestive heart failure of developing, which can be tested by detecting the accumulation of fluid in the baby The use ultrasound.