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Narcotic-related adverse events are the most common adverse drug reactions in hospitalized children and constipation is a common narcotic-associated adverse drug reaction. In 2008, a group of experts met from 14 freestanding children’s hospitals in the reducing Narcotic – Related Adverse Drug Events in Children improvement collaborative and recommended that laxatives and stool softeners are used proactively when narcotics are prescribed.

SNRIs may on the other side cause dry mouth, constipation, difficulty with sleep, and also some specific side effects that can relate to certain SNRIs.

In 2008ickle Cell Patients should be better monitored for constipation prevention Not all patients with sickle cell disease receive laxatives with the with drugs, despite the recommendations of a joint committee of pediatric experts. These are the findings of a Nationwide Children’s Hospital study, patients from 29 pediatric hospitals and published in Pediatric Blood & Cancer.

The study showed that a third of sickle cell anemia drug drugs not prescribed concomitant laxatives or stool softeners as recommended by the Child Health Corporation of America quality improvement co.##For more information about of the Embrace Award you can visit.

PanelThe jury for Embrace Award consisted of:* Prof. Philip Van Kerrebroeck , University Hospital, Maastricht .

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