Fiona Phillips.

– Milton Keynes is the fastest growing area and can expect a 56 percent increase in people with the condition. Years the slowest growing area with slightly fewer people predicted to live with dementia in ten years than today. – Fiona Phillips, Alzheimer’s Society ambassador and journalist, said.

Dementia predictions were created by Alzheimer’s Society dementia UK report updated. Diagnosis rate on the register that every GP practice of people with dementia in the Quality and Outcomes Framework 2013 creates basis.

The new ‘ Mapping the Dementia Gap ‘ study shows the number of people with dementia in each part of the United Kingdom , and the %age who receive a diagnosis. A formal diagnosis is important for people with dementia and without they. Can not access drugs or advice on how to live better with the disease But seeks to delay many people help because of the low awareness of symptoms and treatments or fear that they will lose their independence.

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