Females under 25 years authorities recommend annual screening.

Females under 25 years – authorities recommend annual screening. Women aged under 25 at the highest risk active are at the highest risk of infection.

Such as chlamydia screening is done?

Condoms – Condoms reduce the risk of contagion.Oral sex – the risk of infection is much higher, high risk groupsr sex partner does not know whether he / she is infected, or if the uninfected partner is engaged in oral sex without knowing whether the other person is infected.. Women – genital chlamydia not usually symptoms in women.Cystitis – inflammation of the bladder: However, there may be non-specific symptoms, including. A change in vaginal discharge. Slight pain in the abdomen. Women should attend one of the above symptoms to their GP or family planning doctor. If a chlamydia test is not offered, the question arises. If Chlamydia is not treated, the following symptoms emerge later:.

Pregnant Women – Chlamydia screening should be performed during the first prenatal examination.The second block of Aluminium RNA with an ‘antisense’oligonucleotide drug derogation and relegated.

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