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The president asserts that funding the raises in the SCHIP spending budget through an increase in the tobacco tax will hurt working Americans. FACT: Research has shown that increases in the tobacco tax reduce the amount of people who smoke. Funding SCHIP through a tobacco tax increase will not only decrease existing tobacco-related health care costs, but will deter children from becoming smokers also. The president asserts that we cannot afford to improve the SCHIP budget. FACT: We cannot afford not to do this. The price to the nation for the uninsured has already been a lot more than $65 billion each year.Many studies have previously shown that reducing blood circulation pressure can reduce the threat of stroke, heart attack, heart failure and other circumstances, but many people have a very difficult period achieving blood pressure control. As much as 73 million Us citizens have high blood circulation pressure. But because high blood pressure doesn’t cause symptoms, most people who possess it, don’t know it. Over time, uncontrolled blood pressure affects the blood vessel walls, encouraging the development of weak spots called aneurysms and the formation of narrowed and inflamed areas that may business lead to clots that may break off and cause heart attacks and strokes.