Evaluated evidence from 49 clinical trials from 1966 to 2007 that assessed the result of milk.

Of the 49 medical trials, 41 showed no effect, two demonstrated fat gain, one showed a lower rate of fat gain, and only five showed weight loss. A link between calcium or dairy intake and weight loss observed in some observational studies may be due to other factors, such as workout, decreased soda intake, life style habits, or increased fibers, fruit, and veggie intake. ‘Our findings demonstrate that increasing dairy product intake will not consistently result in weight or fat loss and may actually have the opposite effect,’ the authors conclude. This scholarly study is published in the May 2008 problem of Nutrition Reviews. To view the abstract because of this article, please click here.. Ads saying milk products assist you to lose weight are misleading There were recent claims that milk products might help people lose weight, and the dairy industry has hyped the assertion by investing huge amount of money in commercial advertising.Senior VCURES Fellow Roland N. Pittman, Ph.D. Pittman has developed an optical strategy to measure oxygen stream in blood vessels significantly less than 100 microns in diameter, capillaries so little they are visible just under a microscope. This includes its avoidance, pathophysiologic basis, diagnosis and treatment.

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