Endosense has a history of clinical leadership in the field of contact-force sensing.

‘Low – catheter – tissue contact force results in Late PV Reconnection – Initial results from EFFICAS I. ‘Heart Rhythm 2014, Shah D et al. ‘Contact force during ablation predicts AF recurrence in 12 months. ‘Heart Rhythm 2014, Dello Russo, ‘Catheter Contact Force in Atrial Fibrillation Ablation: What benefits can we learn from this? ‘Heart Rhythm 2014, PO5-135. ‘Predictors of Steam Pop During Radiofrequency Ablation at high contact pressure and Moderate RF Power in Canine Beating Heart. ‘Heart Rhythm 2014, PO2-156. ‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis of Tissue – contact occurred after catheter ablation in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. ‘Heart Rhythm 2014, AB15-1.. Endosense has a history of clinical leadership in the field of contact-force sensing. Since its first abstract was presented at TactiCath at Heart Rhythm 2006, more than 30 clinical publications have appeared in peer-reviewed journals or major medical major medical society meetings held around the world.

The implications are significant because we now have the opportunity to collect the information in EFFICAS I use to optimum of contact force of contact force in EFFICAS II. .

The researchers found that there is sequence evolution sequence evolution in the RNA-binding domain The discovery of a ZAP may be similar to the rat gene suggests in its viral RNA-binding specificity. However, surprisingly, the rapid development. Characteristic of ‘intrinsic immunity ‘genes in a protein domain that is not even concentrated in the originally discovered rat gene.. .Asklepios Clinic St. Clinical leadership in contact – force sensing with a series of new study data at Heart Rhythm 2014Endosense, a Swiss medical technology company the efficacy, safety the efficacy, safety and accessibility of catheter ablation for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, has promoted further their clinical leadership in the field of contact-force sensing with a variety of new study data to support their TactiCat catheter1 ablation.Additional cuts in reimbursements for treating injuries or by by medical error Future probably (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.. Registry on behalf of Confederation Filed Say Providers’ Medical Errors, then treating wrong Medicare Charged.

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