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During the period of four years , the number of triples at the age of 45 with Viagra.about this research about this research in the International Journal of Impotence Research to.The number of men who take Viagra for recreational use is growing very fast, the researchers commented.Express Scripts added that the majority of Viagra users were men between the ages of 56 years.Viagra use increased from 0.8 percent of the 5 million men interviewed in 1998 to 1.4 percent in 2002 – which is an increase of 84 percent.The reviewers said, that other drugs / will have on the market, use of erectile dysfunction medications should improve even more..

Viagra becoming more and more popular among younger menViagra is becoming more and more popular among younger people, according to Express Scripts, a company that pursues drug sales and movements. The proportion of men aged 55, who was taking Viagra is growing rapidly.Kidney diseases hemodialysis patients more pills than more pills than most of the patients with other chronic diseases Whilst those. Medication important for control patients ‘ illness, at a certain point use of too many pills can be an adverse effect on the health of patients – related quality of life or the perceived physical and spiritual health.

Healthivities. Pills / Less quality of life for kidney patients.

The more pill does a dialysis patient , the worse their health-related the quality of life, is a study in an upcoming issue of Clinical Journal of American Society Nephrology . Results show that increasing the number of the drugs to patients ‘ epidemic can disturb to enjoy with their capacity to normal activities.