Drug Enforcement Administration.

This emergency recognize the danger presented by these drugs and a degree of concern about their effects. Earlier this year, NMS Labs released a comprehensive drug ID test that identifies all five new compounds by the DEA in the emergency scheduling contain, and many other compounds that can equal his concern and as a replacement, but not yet scheduled. These chemicals are found in products such as K2, K4 , and Spice, however there are differences in the ingredients among similarly-named synthetic marijuana incense and herbal blend documented products on the market, making it very difficult to enforce. Each sample must independently tested to ensure its chemical content. Lab in the U.S.drug identification, this step by the DEA further stresses the need be able to test blood and urine for synthetic marijuana use.


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Control measures – agreements were has been signed between the British Government and vaccine manufacturers delivery of the supply of to 90 million doses of H1N1 vaccine in the fall. Advance purchase arrangements are also provided to have enough vaccine for all inhabitants buy a pandemic should be declared.