Decisions by programs in Texas and various other states to drop CVS.

Independent pharmacists will discuss the unfair benefit the continuing state contract provides CVS drugstores in competing with their smaller businesses. Alarmed About CVS Caremark is a Alter to Earn initiative to educate consumers, health strategy managers and trustees about the newly merged CVS Caremark, at this point the country’s largest pharmacy benefits manager and largest retail pharmacy chain. Our reports, CVS Caremark: An Alarming Prescription and CVS Caremark: An Alarming Merger, details the troubling patterns exhibited by both CVS and Caremark ahead of their merger, and explores the new risks presented by the merged entity CVS Caremark.. A coalition of groupings is calling for further research before any Board vote in the wake of reported assistance problems with CVS Caremark, decisions by programs in Texas and various other states to drop CVS, and media reports that the business pushes seniors to fill prescriptions at its own CVS drugstores despite higher costs.AJG publishes new review on Inflammatory Bowel Disease management The American College of Gastroenterology published a fresh evidence-based systematic review on the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease as a supplement to The American Journal of Gastroenterology for April 2011, a particular issue dedicated to IBD. This clinical monograph, based on a comprehensive meta-analysis, offers brand-new graded tips about medical management of IBD, a chronic digestive disorder which include Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis .